A Year End Thank You!

 It is already Christmas Eve 2019!

That means soon a new year and a new decade is starting, while the last one ends.

As we head into 2020 I  am not sure how I feel about it all and it is hard to decide if there were more ups than downs over the past year or several. I think I will definitely say, yes there was way more good than bad.

I end the year remembering some very good people that I lost from my personal life, but I know I will never forget. I also learned some lessons about life and love and happiness.  I guess as long as we are learning and growing  we are living a meaningful life. 

"Professionally" I end the year and the decade doing work that most days I love, doing something I really never dreamed that I would be doing. I have met some amazing people through this work, who are now such dear and encouraging friends. 

I want to head in 2020 with a clear vision of my future..... but at least for me, without a crystal ball, that never happens.  So, as a recovering control freak ( hahaha) now I like to have a general direction that I want to go and now I let things happen as they may along the way. But I want to do more creative bags along with all the custom orders you keep sending my way. I also want to laugh more, love more, and be more in the moment. 

For everyone who has followed along, I want to say a huge thank you. You buy my bags, you share my pictures, you recommend me to your friends. Some of you really challenge my creativity and my patience. :-)  So as a thank you I have a sale happening, on the few bags I have left on my website. 

And if you have not yet liked my facebook page  go have a look, and there is a giveaway happening there too. 

Once again.... I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and lots of all the good stuff in this New Year and New Decade! 

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