Calling all Sheepskin and Cowhide Lovers!

Do you love the luxurious look and feel of sheepskin rugs draping your furniture and durable cowhide rugs on your floors! So do we! We love them so much that we are excited to announce we are now an affiliate of Angus Oliver! 

( Photo from Angus Oliver Website)

 Angus Oliver is a local-ish business to us, in Stony Plain Alberta, and they are passionate about sourcing amazing high quality products! We LOVE the quality and we have bought them to use in our bags and on our floors! 

Photo from Angus Oliver Website

And now, we want you to know about this fantastic Alberta business too, so you will be seeing lots more of their rugs and cowhides featured at Pink Lilli Co. 

We hope that you will check them out, and we have a treat for you to purchase your own luxury rug!  We have a coupon code to save you $10 off orders with minimum subtotals of $130 !

 If you want to surround yourself with a little bit of luxury and save some money,  go to their website and when you check out, use the code RepFour$10 .

That's it! Use the code, save $10 and your beautiful rugs will be sent out to you amazingly quick! Natalie has great customer service! 

Now... I am off to order some new sheepskins for myself! 

Please when you order, and get your new rugs, tag us Facebook  or Instagram! 

As always.... we love hearing from you and we are grateful you are here! 

Michele, Shoshanna and Lilli 


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