About Us

 How it started....  After a trip to Las Vegas to see the one only George Strait and a visit to Kemo Sabe with fabulous western bags that were way out of my price range, I thought 'how hard can it be?" ( even though I was a seamstress, here's a secret...it was hard) I went home and began the art of purse making. I work pretty much strictly with leather and consider myself a seamstress who sews leather, rather than a leatherworker. I do not tool leather or do all the fancy hand stitching.


One of my favorite things is custom work, and I often take my customers rodeo jackets or boots ( or boots and coats that belonged to their loved one)  and turn them into bags and purses, creating something very usable out of something so memorable for my customers. I often shed a few tears as I work and reflect on the story of a treasured coat.  I have a a couple blog posts about it! read them here  and here!  

I really try to only create purses for sale that I love and would use myself. No pretty, dainty handbags around here. I like unique bags with a western/hippie/boho vibe that are rough and raw. I try to make each bag one of a kind, so no one else will have what you have. Bags that are ready for adventure, and have stories to tell..... 

Over the last year, I have teamed with my daughter Shoshanna and granddaughter Lilli, and we are creating more of a Boutique style of business.


Shoshanna, when not being a school secretary,  running her 11 year old goalie to all of his practices, games and camps, or doing paperwork for her husbands company, she spends her time creating the beautiful distressed and painted flannel shirts. She also does all the sourcing of products. 

Lilli, is the youngest of our team. She is 13 and is a budding entrepreneur with her jewelry business. She is often our model as well! 

We try to search out Canadian or better yet Alberta made products! We want to bring you fun and affordable items. We are strong supporters of shop small and shop local, and we are attending more local markets than we have in the past. 

We thank you for supporting out small business....even just by checking out our website! We appreciate each one of you!