Check Out What We Are Up To -Spring 2022

As our regular Facebook ( be sure to follow us! ) followers know, early in the year, I ( my name is Michele by the way)  teamed up with my daughter Shoshanna and 13 year old granddaughter Lilli to bring all of our great things together under the name Pink Lilli Boutique! 

Spring around here has busy, as we rebrand, try to do all the things and we are figuring it out as we go! 

We want to continue provide you with a variety of up-cycled clothing, vintage clothing,  really cool and unique finds, and some of our own handmade items. Not everything is on the website yet, and some items are strictly at markets or local pick up only. 

I am still the maker of all the bags and purses. Shoshanna, when not watching her 11yr old goalie, or driving him to practice or goalie camp, sources our products and does the flannels. She occasionally gets creative and does some leather painting too. Lilli is 13 and is the budding jewelry maker!

Together we refer to ourselves as hot mess coordinators. Seriously.... we are winging it in yoga pants and rubber boots most days. 

We are working on perfecting our photography skills and modelling skills.( YIKES) Along with making our social media top notch! This is scary for people who prefer to be behind the scenes…. We will get brave one day and even do a live video!

I am working alongside mentors in the Trailblazer Collective, here I am learning everything we need to know to make the magic happen! Shoshanna has been taking some small business management courses. We are doing all the things to ensure we can make this crazy vision a reality! 

Our biggest and scariest goal at the moment is to finish the Hot Mess Express! This is our vintage fiber glass trailer that we are converting into our mobile store to haul around for markets.

We have alot of work to do on it, and the first thing involved cleaning it out.... the craziest thing we found was some false teeth. It will be a project for sure.... and we are about to find out if we are handy! At least we know people with skills. 

So please subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media, to follow our Hot Mess Express makeover. I will be posting updates here on the Pink Lilli Blog as well! We would love to hear your comments.... just be kind! 


As always we are passionate about supporting local, supporting handmade, supporting small business and creating a community! If we do not have something your looking for, reach out, we may have access to it, or we know another local creator!

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  • Pretty excited for u and your crew

    Betty W

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