Come Join Us for Christmas Shopping In Our Facebook Group!

We have a fun thing  going on right now in the Pink Lilli Boutique Facebook Group, for the month of November and December! Things are crazy out there and I know I want to support small and support local. I want to skip the crazy, the big box stores, the consumerism and commercialism. I want a whole different way to do Christmas for my family.
IF you are a maker, crafter, or small business, we want you to take part. There is no charge, just invite your friends, post your items and your business, and you deal with any sales and shipping directly with your new customer. We do ask that you don't just post and run....please engage with other makers and their posts too. Post as much as you like, but always give back.
If you are like me and also looking for a different feel for Christmas shopping this year, we want to share our little vision with you all. We want you to find quality items from the small makers for real one of a kind gifts.
This is a PRIVATE group, so you will have to share or invite people to join, otherwise others outside the group will not see it.
We encourage lots of likes, hearts, positive comments, sharing! Make your your notifications are turned on for the group!
This holiday season especially, with so much division and mean-ness going on, lets all spread joy!
This is just our little way of doing it.
Join Here....Pink Lilli Boutique 

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