Cuteness Overload In This Post!

I normally make bags made from rodeo coats, which I just realised that unless you follow my Facebook Page, you have not seen my custom order rodeo bags. I will make a new post for that later!

But a customer asked me to make her husbands rodeo coats into 2 little vests for her little cowboy. He was to wear them when he watched his dad compete. Each vest would be worn at the rodeo it was representing.  

I readily agreed, even though it has been a few years since I actually made clothing, and never leather clothing. 

I drafted a pattern, using a knit vest she sent along for sizing. For the sake of keeping costs down, I opted not to put a lining inside, as the leather doesn't really need a lining. There is a zip closure in both and I tried to make sure I used as many of the original elements of the original coats as I could fit on such little vests. 

I think they turned out absolutely adorable, and I was thrilled when she sent me actual photos of her wee man wearing them. That puts the cuteness level  of the vest right over the top. And I won't lie, seeing MY work in professional photos gave me an extra thrill. 

Have a look for yourself! If you have a project in mind never hesitate to contact me. or leave a comment.

Rodeo is a family affair! 

Oh that little bald head and those cheeks! 

See... I told you it was cuteness overload! 

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