Every Once In a While a Totally Custom Bag Project Comes Along!

Every once in a while a totally custom bag project comes along! This was one of them. My customer had some ideas, and some supplies she wanted used..more on those in a minute... but was leaving it up to me. 

The more we chatted, the more her vision became more clear. She wanted raw, she wanted rustic, she wanted it to look like it was worn by an old cowboy and drug through the dirt. She wanted it to look like it had seen some things and had stories to tell. 

I got to work.... and the first draft was a disaster. Yup a f'n disaster and she HATED it. It was too pretty, too new, to symmetrical. Thankfully the way I work is that I only have it started, basted together and nothing was permanent when I sent the first round of photos. So.. I pulled it all apart. Now I knew exactly what she wanted...but I sent pics along the way to be sure! 

One of the really cool things she wanted on her bag was a piece of horse hide from her beloved horse Ivan. She also had a tooth, and asked if that would be creepy. Well... it's your bag, but people hang bear teeth or antlers from bags all the time, and hang skulls on their walls, so in my opinion. Nope...not creepy. 

I chose a new leather for her bag, but it was very distressed looking, with some holes, some brands and mottled shades of beige, brown and black. I then combined it with a redder shade of distressed leather for interest and contrast. 

She had seen the pocket lining in a bag of a mutual friend of ours. She requested the whole purse lining be made out of this fabric. Luckily I had just enough! Scroll through the pics to see it! It is not for everyone, but suits her perfectly. 

In the end.... she LOVED it. And a happy customer is why I do this. I loved every second, ok..almost every second, there was a few seconds of trying to get in her head that were frustrating for both of us....but I honestly just loved this bag. ( I would have kept it for myself had she hated it!)

Here it is! Let me know in the comments what you think. Be sure to come follow on social media! Facebook and Instagram !

Now this is a bag that will be noticed! 


The feature of the bag is the horse hide. It is subtle, but there, as an ever present reminder of her beloved Ivan. 


I used the raw edge of the leather hide as a detail of the bag, and also a piece of some old belt she sent along. The brushed bronze on all the hardware looks perfect with it.


The back of the bag features a raw edge pocket.

And fringe... a bag isn't complete without some fringe. 

TSK TSK.... you naughty girl.


A recessed zipper and some rough wrapped edging. 


And the tooth, all bleached and cleaned up! It looks perfect! 

Thank you for trusting me with the project and not giving up as we worked through this together...to give you a bag that will last forever, get drug through the muck and in the end have some great stories to tell. 

If you have ideas and want a totally custom bag, send me an email and we can get started. info@pinklillipurses.com

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  • I absolutely LOVE this bag! It is a treasure to me for several reasons! I told my husband, it goes with me in the end!! Thank you for not giving up when I hated it!! I’m forever Grateful!!!

    Corinna Anderson

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