In Addition To Purses..... Leather Cuffs!

Full disclosure, I am not much of a style icon. Other than my wedding rings and a pink heart necklace my then 3 year old granddaughter Lilli picked out for my birthday 7 years ago, I usually forget to put on and accessories. 

I do love the look of an armful of bracelets. BUT I tend to find them annoying as they clink and slide around on my wrist. One day while staring at a bunch of small pieces of leather leftovers, I decided to put them to use and made myself a leather cuff bracelet. I added some fun bling to it, and gave it a try. I LOVED wearing it. It was soft, comfortable and made with an adjustable tie that didn't slide around on my wrist. I forgot that I had it on. 

Because of the way my creative brain works, I only make things that I love and would wear myself, it's what keeps me excited about heading into my 'studio'.( in all actually it is a spare room in the upstairs of my house that holds all the stuff to keep me busy for days, but studio sounds way more professional) So I hope you love these new additions to Pink Lilli Purses as much as I do. I am sure they will evolve, as I try new ideas out. Like I said.... I am not much of a jewellery person, so a lot of this is all new to me. Let me know in the comments what you think. 

I will be adding some that are available for purchase to the listings soon. If you cant' wait, you can always send a message. 


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  • LOVE THEM!!!


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