It's 2021! Embrace The People, Things and Ideas That are Important and Let The Rest Go

We are now 2 weeks into 2021 and it has already proved that it didn't plan on sneaking in quietly. I have no idea of what's in store, but I am pretty sure after 2020 one thing is for certain... nothing will surprise us.

I wish I was one of those people who can eloquently ponder all the lessons learned from 2020 and write inspiration for the New Year. But I am thanks for bearing with me. 

I have thought a lot about what my plans are for this New Year, both personal and work wise.

I hate the word resolutions. They are something that you plan out New Years Eve and discard about now. And intentions sound so woo-woo and out there. Plus, I intend to do lots of things... it doesn't mean I do them. I usually go off chasing butterflies instead.

So I guess goals it is. I have a few goals. Maybe even a bucket list. Maybe I will add chasing more butterflies onto my bucket list. ( as long as those butterflies are not headed across the border I should be good, those butterflies probably will be told to stay around home *sigh*).

I also decided not all of these goals or bucket lists need to be figured out right now, in the first 2 weeks of January.  So far on my goal list I have the word survive, and then a whole lot of question marks. Beyond organize my pictures, and grow an epic garden if I can look back on New Years Eve 2021 and say I survived.... I will call it a win. 

    ( Nope.... no fitness goals this year. I WILL NOT make fitness goals) 

I also tried to come up with theme words for this year.... because after spending New Years Day mostly on social media I learned this was a thing. Theme words for the year. I couldn't choose one. So I narrowed it down to 4.

Relax... I worry to much and try to do all the things.

Truth... focus on my own truth, always tell the truth, look for truth....the truth is out there ( watch more X-Files)

Refocus.... refocus on what I love, what is important and where I need to put my attentions.

Resilience..... I will not be left in a puddle on the floor. I will pick everything up, keep trying, keep adapting, keep going. Just like you will. 

What I know for sure is my goal list is subject to change at a minutes notice. This year like last, so many of those changes will not be within my control. I won't say the name but 'Thanks C***D'. I suppose this is where we learn resilience. 

And I need to make those goals attainable!  I am really starting to hate anything goal related that feels it needs to be set in stone and that anything less is a failure.  My goal is to everyday wear real pants, jeans to be exact, they are less forgiving. BUT I will be truthful with myself and admit that to make this goal successful and achievable,  I would be better off to make it my goal to wear pj pants 3 days a week. Accountability problem solved! 

Workwise... I have a few goals. Real goals, where wearing real pants are not required. Work a little more quickly through my wait list would be one. If I have kept you waiting, I apologize. I also want to keep work fun. Refocus on one of the reasons I started Pink Lilli, because it's fun to create. With all of the stuff going on in the world, we all need more fun. Keep learning. Keep developing my craft. Learn to like and embrace the trials of learning new skills....that is not something I am good at. But I will relax, have fun and roll with it. 

Anyway..... I know it is a late Happy New Year Post. Honestly it was intentional. I didn't want to be one of those people saying 2021 HAD to be a better year. ( Plus I was distracted watching Bridgerton and Yellowstone) Because 2021 is going to throw us curve balls and challenges, but it will also be what we make it. Let's make it the year we really do learn and grow. Without all the superficial distractions. Embrace the people, things and ideas that are important and let the rest go. Even for just this year. Rest and let it go. 

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  • Thank you. You are speaking my language! My plan will be to quit cracking the whip… on myself. Less self inflicted goals and more pleasure in the journey. To chase more butterflies, fewer squirrels. 👍💕


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