National House Plant Day And The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Have Them!

Today, January 10, is National Houseplant Appreciation Day!  An actual Day to celebrate houseplants!! 

(this is an internet image and not my home... however, I Wish! ) 

I have always loved house plants, and always have an assortment in my home.  However...... I tend to over love them sometimes and kill them with water.

It's kind of how I show my love...but with water and not food! (I also have an overweight chihuahua.)  I finally got a water gauge and every single plant I own, including succulents and cactus were wet to the bottom. Oopps. Thankfully most of the time, they are forgiving.

Shoshanna on the other hand, forgets to water. Her cacti are doing amazing! I am jealous. 

Lilli is new to growing plants, but now has her own collection we have yet to see which way she goes.

Did you know....that there have been actual studies on the benefits of houseplants? It is no surprise since plants are living things, and so are we, it only makes sense that plants can improve our life and we need to cohabitate with each other.   

                        I will touch on the top 5 benefits here. 

1. Plants can reduce stress levels-  Studies show people who interact with  plants feel calmer and more comfortable. When you are feeling stressed, take some time to be with plants, tending to them or even just having them around while you relax. 

2 Plants may improve indoor air quality -The data shows that several plants could filter harmful chemicals such as ammonia, benzene, and formaldehyde out of the air. In particular, nearly every species tested was able to remove formaldehyde, which is believed to exacerbate cancer growth. 

3. Plants may sharpen memory and attention span. - studies done on elementary students  showed the highest attention spans and the lowest concentration of theta waves with a live plant in the room. These brainwaves are connected to daydreaming and are more common in children than adults. The students also felt calmer and more relaxed. So get some plants in those classrooms! 

4. Plants can help recover from illness faster- numerous studies show that  people exposed to plants and greenspaces had shorter recovery times. This is why so many hospitals are now installing plants and indoor green spaces. 

5. Plants can be theraputic -Studies show that having access to plants and greenspaces can lower depression. In todays crazy world, who doesn't want that! 

I hope those 5 reasons, make you want to rush out and get some new plants, or maybe go and show your plants some love today! 


So... now that I have discussed the benefits of plants, lets talk about 2 of our favorite local-ish places ( to us)  to get a good dose of plant therapy away from the house! Especially in the dead of winter!! 


De Herdts Gardens in Barrhead is more than just a beautiful store for plants. They have Elieneke’s Bake Shop which has an amazing selection of artisan breads including a sourdough that uses a 5 year old starter. The bakeshop is also a distributor for the famous Evoolution oils and vinegars, and she is a chocolatier creating fine Belgian chocolates, along with many other delicious desserts and treats! Our favorite thing, is they do offer a gluten free option. We have enjoyed the gluten free carrot cake cupcakes! 

De Herdts has recently done some remodeling and re-arranging, creating a space to sit and enjoy your treat and coffee, either in their shop or in their greenhouse, with the plants!  They specialize in a variety of fancy lattes and hot chocolates. In the summer months you can even treat yourself to an Italian soda. Best of all, they serve your fancy coffee in a fancy mug. Specifically mine was in a Pioneer Woman mug! If you are unfamiliar with The Pioneer Woman, climb out from your rock cave and google her right now…(this might even inspire another post! ) 

De Herdts has been in Barrhead Ab since 1993. They are setting up hydroponic veggies, and currently have lettuce growing and available for purchase. Their green house is warm and bright and decorated with an assortment of vintage and rustic items.

For us, it is a reminder of Grandma. Grandma always had the most amazing flowers planted in the most bizarre item. With this reminder, and the feeling of home and comfort, we actually ended up buying some violets right then and there. Grandma always had violets growing. These were then planted in a pink tea pot. Becoming a little reminder of grandma that we could see everyday.   

De Herdts gardeners have a magic eye when it comes to their succulents and cactus also. The arrangements they make are stunning and the quality of these plants is truly top notch. You know they absolutely love this little piece of heaven.

 Another favorite place is The Muttart Conservatory in Edmonton which is one of Canada's largest indoor botanical collections, nestled in the river valley. We try to get there once a year or so. 

Discover the four pyramids, and learn about more than 700 species of plants in 3 climate-regulated biomes. Arid, tropical and temperate. There is nothing like wandering through a tropical paradise or an arid desert when it is cold and snowy outside!   And of course check out the feature pyramid where you can enjoy unique themed displays and fabulous seasonal celebrations. Plants can be bought there in the gift shop too! 

  Let us know in the comments if you are a plant lover too! Growing is such rewarding little hobby.  Happy Houseplant Appreciation Day! 

Michele, Shoshanna and Lilli! 


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