Waiting for Spring 30 Day Challenge

Here in Alberta Canada, winter is long.... OMG is it long. 

But then comes March. March is like the bridge between winter and spring! It can be a long bridge, but a bridge none the less. 

The days are longer, the sun feels warmer, we are probably done with the real dreadful temperatures, and whatever the weather throws at us, we know the worst is over and we can do it. Because spring is just across the bridge. 

So... before we get right ramped into the busy of spring ( I know, I know some are still in the busy of winter, and hockey playoffs, dance recitals etc ) with yard work, gardens, renovations etc , Pink Lilli Co thinks we all need a little self care. 


So in our facebook group  we have a little self care challenge event going on. BUT if you don't want to join in an event, we are giving you a 30 day calendar of easy self care actions that you can get done every day! Don't even try to tell us that you don't have time. Most of these are easy. 

You can download it to save or print off here, for free. 

Maybe some of them you will like so much, that they will become part of your everyday routine. 

Let us know how you do! 

Good luck and have fun, you deserve it. 

Michele, Shoshanna and Lil . The Pink Lilli crew. 

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