Welcome 2023!

Out with the old and in with the new! I don't know about anyone else, but I love the New Year!  

I love a blank, clean, white day timer, open on my desk!  So full of possibility. (until I leave a coffee cup ring on it...*sigh*

I love the feeling of the possibilities ahead. I know we could pick any day to discover possibility, but January 1 matches up with my nice clean day timer...the one with the coffee ring. 

2023 .....hmmm what will be up with that. Honestly, who knows. But here at Pink Lilli we will be doing just a small rebrand.

It is still the same people, Michele, Shoshanna and Lilli. We still have amazing purses!  We are still hot messes, just getting through the day! ( we know we aren't alone in this, don't worry, we see you and together we can do it!)

But behind the scenes, we are busy working on a name change, ( just a small one,) and a fresh new website to match our ideas. And if you follow us, you know we are always full of ideas. But we aren't just purses anymore, and our new name will reflect that! 

The economy is shaky, to say the least. Money is tighter for us all. The world also has a stuff problem. We fully believe in keeping a world that is sustainable and clean for the future. So what you will see from us is more products that have been remade, repurposed, reused. This is in keeping with our thrifty values, and will also help keep our prices reasonable. We believe unused and unloved things can have new life as something beautiful and useful, as well as affordable! 

We also want to provide you with really useful information! Really fun Alberta places of interest to see, things to do, thrift stores to check out, ways to stay healthy and organized, and some DIY how to's. We want to engage more and waste your time less! 

Also.... with social media as unstable as the economy lately, please scroll on down and subscribe to our emails, so that you will know about everything we have going on. This little blog place on the internet will be where all of our action is documented first! 

We look forward to where 2023 is taking us, and we know we will survive whatever it throws at us. Together we got this.

Michele, Shoshanna and Lilli! 


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