What To Do With All Of The Rodeo Coats In The Closet? * Hint..Send Them To Me*


If you are a rodeo family, sooner or later you end up with dilemma that so many mom's message me about....What to do with all the rodeo coats hanging in closets all through the house. 


 Well...I have an answer! Send some to me and I will make you something from them. 




 When I started making bags, I was using upcycled thrift store leather coats. 

 One of my Facebook followers messaged and asked if would make her a tote bag from her daughters old rodeo coat. oh... what an interesting project. I admit that while I was nervous to cut into something so special, I was confident I could do something pretty cool. 

 I made the jacket into a fully lined tote/overnight bag. 

 I was thrilled with how it turned out, and so was my customer. Who promptly shared it on social media. 

 Since then I have done numerous other rodeo coat bags and each one is always fun and exciting! 

 I  will share more bags in a different post, especially some of the more vintage coats that I have done. They are always exciting to see the different logos when they arrive in the mail. 

 Maybe throw cushions are more your style? I can do them too! 


 If you don't already, please follow along on my Facebook page. If you too have closets full of old or new rodeo coats send me a message or email info@pinklillipurses.com and lets see if we can work out some project ideas. 





















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