Who Else is Getting Tired of Social Media?

I will just say it...social media for us is sucking lately. I am harboring a guess that it is for you too. 

Business wise, engagement and views are way down. All the biz groups I am in are all asking the same questions..... what is the answer? Stories? Reels? Posting more? Posting less? Where are all the people? Pintrest is a wealth of articles talking about exactly this! 


After everyone spending so much time on social media over the past few years...with online shopping booming, I think a lot of people are just pain sick of it.  Are we all trying to break the social media habits? Maybe everyone is wanting more human contact and getting out to live life? 

Maybe people are wanting to shop in person again, at stores and markets where they can touch and feel and chat with the makers?  I know we are trying to do a few more Markets to give people a different experience than just ordering online. We want to meet more of our customers. 

My personal Facebook feed is filled with sponsored ads, and nothing that I am that interested in.  I spend a lot of time what I call 'doom scrolling'. I am looking for snippets of good news. I'm trying to find happiness with the scroll of a thumb. I am avoiding reality by watching animal videos. I am annoyed by all the fake reels, of people making up stupid videos, or people giving health info through videos with interpretive dance. *SIGH* I am generally annoyed by life floating by while everyone is head down staring at their phones. 

As we sort it all out.... we want you to know we are still here slowly working away. While also trying to be off social media and getting out living life. We wish we had the magic fix.... how to make engaging and informative posts without wasting time as the social media Gods only want to show it to 12 people. 

We love social media for the engagement we get, with people who love our makes and products. We love our customers and we don't want to be wasting your time either! That's why you just won't catch us doing interpretive dance videos while we point to imaginary bubbles telling you about our latest and greatest! 

Anyways.... we would love to know your thoughts on social media lately.  And well you are at it... be sure to follow us on social media! facebook  and Insta

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