Grime Boss - Monster Bar

Grime Boss - Monster Bar

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Don't be afraid to get extra dirty!

Grime Boss is a double-thick beast of a soap for manly-men (and women) who need an extra deep wash and scrub during and after a hard shift at work.  Grime Boss is infused with natural ingredients and essential oils, plus an added grit of pumice stone to aid the deep cleaning of grease, oils and the hard-to-clean soils your hands and body collect all day.  

Grime Boss won't dry out your skin, even if you wash your hands more often than the average guy.  Keep it at work for regular use, and keep it in your shower for when the day (or night) is done.

Grit Level: Expert

Ingredients:  Saponified olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, vegetable oil, activated charcoal, pumice stone, lavender, sweet orange and eucalyptus essential oils.

8oz bar