Satin and Leather and Rodeo Memories

I am ridiculously proud of this bag.
I had these customer  jackets sitting here for a long time.  They are vintage, satin Oklahoma City NFR rodeo jackets, from the 80's ( and I can hardly believe that I am linking the 80's with the term vintage).
I was truly scared to work with them, because....well to me, and I am sure my customer, they seem really special. They belonged to her parents. All of the patches on the bag, where on the one jacket. 
I know mostly what her style is, in fact I have made another bag for her before. You can see it here.
She likes bags that look like they have been around for a hundred years and have stories to tell. Just like these jackets. So.Much.History! That is one little tid bit of info about me, I love feeling connected to history, the past and memories. I do everything that I can to preserve these special items that people save in closets, or dark corners of their basements. 
Anyway, this is what I came up with, using vintage satin along with a belt that belonged to her dad, and incorporating it into a sturdy bag that looks like its been around forever but will last her through many years and many adventures! I saved every detail, every patch and even the jacket pockets and used them in the bag.
I used as much distressed leather and raw edges as I could. If you read about her last bag, you will see I even put a bit of Ivan into this one too. Making it that much more personal. 
If you have your own bit of history that you want to preserve, and you want to have your own  bag made,  send me a message. I am booked up for a while.....but good things are worth the wait sometimes. 
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